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Limited Edition Double Cassette of 51 daily musings from a special time when I lived behind Spacebase in Leimert Park with the incomparable Swarvy. Big love to *RAS G* who firmly believed that no music should go to waste and thus the 0 EMISSIONS project. Matthew David from Leaving Records was kind enough to re-release on cassette August 20, 2019 .

Admittedly there are some mishaps on the audio of these physicals but the songs themselves were never intended to be perfect or "finished" anyway... There are features from Busdriver, Jonwayne, Low Leaf, Versis, The Koreatown Oddity, and *Ras G*

***These are my last copies of the double cassette. Each tape will include a custom hand drawing on the J Card cover photo shot by Sam Lee and a download link to the original 0 EMISSIONS as they were originally intended.

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